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We didn’t order this, did we?

Before the busy bicycle touring season starts we decide to take a few days off and ride through Spain. Weather forecast has been great for this region: sunny days, about 17 degrees near the coast and 10 in the mountains. Nights might be cold, but that’s ok. Hé, sounds great, doesn’t it? Little did we know… Leaving Alicante on secondary roads Maybe the flight should have warned us that things wouldn’t really go as planned! As we pass high above the Pyranees a storm is raging and we are tossed all over the place. Two people are completely panicking,...

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Spain: olive trees and white villages

With a soft push I open the old, wooden door. For a short moment the conversations are silenced and about twenty pairs of eyes are staring at me. I nod with a smile and behind me the door closes. In the small, but overcrowded restaurant is barely enough space for two, but I find us a seat in the corner.

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