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Bolivia: the slow route

Bolivia is fun, Bolivia is a surprise, Bolivia is diverse and the Bolivians are very friendly. So, we decide not to take the quick route to La Paz, but to ‘stroll’ a bit around the country. Just because we can!

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Bolivia, a dusty ride

For weeks now, or probably months, we’ve been cycling through desert like landscapes, I can hardly remember the last tree we’ve seen! It’s time for green, time for trees, time for birds. We are on our way to Santa Cruz!

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Movie: cycling the Americas 8

Cycling the Laguna route in South West Bolivia; from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile to Uyuni in Bolivia. Crossing multiple high altitude passes, pushing our bikes through deep sand, freezing nights (-21 degrees Celsius!!), the amazing Salar de Uyuni… a must see!

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South West Bolivia: the Laguna route

“Isn’t it beautiful?”
The icy winds are slamming into my face, my lips are split, my toes are freezing cold and at over 4600 meter I am pushing my heavily loaded bicycle through deep sand.. I can’t see the beauty anymore. I’m alone with my thoughts…

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