Norway: cycling to the North Cape

Norway: cycling to the North Cape

It’s still early in the season when we cycle out of Oslo towards the North Cape. Two years ago we were at the tip of Denmark and fantisized about reaching this point far North and now we are fulfilling our dream. Long days, plenty of nature and beautiful landscapes and great hamburgers!

We have a lot of rain and even snow on this trip, but it’s apparently too early in the season for the mosquitoes, so we are lucky! There are some lonely roads in Norway and it’s a treat to be cycling here; we love the cold and vast environment with every now and then a reindeer.

Cycling to the North Cape
Cycling to the North Cape

In Norway the land belongs to everyone, so you’re allowed to camp anywhere as long as you stay out of sight of the nearest neighbour, which isn’t so hard to do! But the long days in the North makes sleeping difficult. We reach the Cape on a windy and rainy day… Yes, Norway is definately a country to return to, we love the nature!

Cycling to the North Cape
Cycling to the North Cape
Cycling to the North Cape

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