A winter cycling trip from Roosendaal to Tilburg

A winter cycling trip from Roosendaal to Tilburg

Day one

Temperature today is about zero degrees Celsius as we leave for the train to Roosendaal and the short ride to Barendrecht station almost convinces me to turn around and enjoy the warmth of our house. Almost…

Enjoying the morning sun in a cold Noord-Brabant forest

About an hour later we leave Roosendaal train station and follow our GPS route out of the city. There are not a lot of recreational cyclists on the road and certainly none with camping gear! We soon find quiet farm roads and zigzag our way through this part of the Netherlands.

We avoid the busy roads and cross into Belgium a couple of times.

Wild camping near Chaam

We manage to find some offroad tracks!

Days are short and just before sunset we stock up on water and ride towards the forest North of Chaam where we legally camp wild. Temperature drops below zero so we warm ourselves with a veggie rich pasta meal and hot chocolate for dessert. It’s quiet here, only the sound of a few birds in the distance to accompany us.

Day two

Just before rush hour we want to take the train back from Tilburg. We have plenty of time and make a huge detour through foresty areas and alongside a small river. The sun is shining, temperature just above zero and we have the Dutch bicycle paths to ourselves! Along the canal we cycle towards the train station and end this microadventure.

Wild camp spot in the forest North of Chaam



128 km

Difficulty (1-10):


Total Ascent:


High point:


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