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Tips and information on bicycle touring around the world.

How to… choose a tent

When you decide to travel the world by bicycle, camping will probably be a necessity. A tent will give you the feeling of total freedom and is a must for every self respecting (wannabe) world cyclist, whether you go for a long distance adventure or a microadventure around the corner. In this article we’ll give you some tips on how to choose the perfect tent for you and your adventures.

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How to… plan a route

There is no chance at all to see everything.. ever! There, I’ve said it. It doesn’t matter if you plan a long distance bicycle tour or a three week holiday, you have to make choices. Since we get a lot of emails with questions about planning routes, we’ve decided to share how we plan our routes; short or long.

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3 Reasons to go cycling in Peru

There is no doubt in our mind that Peru has been the highlight of our long distance ride across the Americas. It was the country I feared most, but turned out to be the most incredible experience. Why are there only three highlights if we loved it so much? Well, I think the reasons given will cover everything! Read, see and plan your cycling trip to Peru!

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6 thoughts on wild camping

I have to admit, at first I was a bit scared. Pitching our tent in the middle of nowhere, feeling vulnerable and having visions of starring in the next ‘Criminal Minds’ episode… But we’ve camped at the most amazing places, seeing beautiful sunsets, enjoying a million stars and just us two to enjoy. What’s keeping you?

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5 Reasons to go cycling in Bolivia

Looking back at our cycling experience in South America, Bolivia has definitely been one of the highlights . Why? The main reason is probably because it wasn’t ‘easy’. The altitude, the rough roads, the lack of hygiene all meant we had to work hard in this country. And I’ve said this many times before, but the toughest moments are the ones I remember best, make me the proudest and become the highlights of our cycling adventure. Enough said, just go cycling in Bolivia and don’t miss out on these 5 highlights.

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