Bicycle touring movies

Oman the movie

A short movie cycling up Jebel Shams and crossing into Wadi Bani Awf on the Avaghon with 27.5 inch rims and 62mm tires; very comfortable! More info on the route…

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Santos Travel Lite: a world touring bicycle with balls!

The Santos Travel Lite has been our loyal friend since the beginning of our bicycle touring adventure; more than 20.000 kilometers ago. We’ve abused ‘Wilson’ and ‘Storm’ badly! But, the Santos bicycles didn’t even blink! They are strong, stiff and comfortable and MAINTENANCE FREE. Watch this video to see where the Travel Lites have been and what they had to endure.

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Movie: cycling the Americas 13

This short video is about singletracks in Ecuador. We took a wrong turn, but like any real cyclist.., we didn’t want to turn back. So, we continued. Pushing bicycles and gear for about 5 or 6 tough kilometers. Watch it now.

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