Bicycle touring in Bolivia.

5 Reasons to go cycling in Bolivia

Looking back at our cycling experience in South America, Bolivia has definitely been one of the highlights . Why? The main reason is probably because it wasn’t ‘easy’. The altitude, the rough roads, the lack of hygiene all meant we had to work hard in this country. And I’ve said this many times before, but the toughest moments are the ones I remember best, make me the proudest and become the highlights of our cycling adventure. Enough said, just go cycling in Bolivia and don’t miss out on these 5 highlights.

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Bolivia: the slow route

Bolivia is fun, Bolivia is a surprise, Bolivia is diverse and the Bolivians are very friendly. So, we decide not to take the quick route to La Paz, but to ‘stroll’ a bit around the country. Just because we can!

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Bolivia, a dusty ride

For weeks now, or probably months, we’ve been cycling through desert like landscapes, I can hardly remember the last tree we’ve seen! It’s time for green, time for trees, time for birds. We are on our way to Santa Cruz!

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Movie: cycling the Americas 8

Cycling the Laguna route in South West Bolivia; from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile to Uyuni in Bolivia. Crossing multiple high altitude passes, pushing our bikes through deep sand, freezing nights (-21 degrees Celsius!!), the amazing Salar de Uyuni… a must see!

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South West Bolivia: the Laguna route

“Isn’t it beautiful?”
The icy winds are slamming into my face, my lips are split, my toes are freezing cold and at over 4600 meter I am pushing my heavily loaded bicycle through deep sand.. I can’t see the beauty anymore. I’m alone with my thoughts…

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