Bicycle touring in Canada.

Milestone: cycling 30.000 kilometers across the Americas

Here we are, 20 kilometers away from Whistler in British Colombia, Canada and my odometer jumps from 29.999 to 30.000 kilometers! It took us a while and we (I for that matter) are certainly not the fastest cyclists, but we definitaly enjoyed every meter of it. My heart jumps up too; full of pride and then instantly a more dark feeling emerges; the end of THIS journey is getting closer and closer…

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Cycling South again: from Jasper to Quesnel

When leaving Jasper the rain follows us into the valley for our (for now) last continental divide crossing. Back in 2010 we’ve cycled this route too, but instead of cycling South towards Valemount we head further North to Prince George. Crossing the Fraser River we spot a couple of large Chinook Salmons, they have come a long way (almost 1400 kilometers) to reach this place, as did we (almost 29.000km!).

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Cycling the Icefield Parkway

So, what’s it like to cycle on one of the world’s most beautiful roads? The Icefield Parkway, 230 kilometer of pure pleasure or just hard work? Parallelling the Continental Divide, highway 93 goes straight through the Rockies with views of glaciers, turquois mountain lakes, white topped peaks and fast flowing rivers… that is… when the weather isn’t working against you!

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GDMBR Canada: from Waterton NP to Banff

With no more than one day left on our United States visa, we leave the States behind us and continue our ride into the last country we’ll visit here in the Americas: Canada! The smoke doesn’t care about borders though and follows us right into Canada as we cycle into Waterton National Park. I dare not ask for rain, since in 2010 I wished for it and it never stopped raining!

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Rain, rain and more rain

It’s raining cats and dogs and the sound on our tent is kind of soothing, but I’ll probably think otherwise when we have to start cycling again tomorrow. It’s grey, misty and wet and it has been like this for days now. Too bad, well, I guess we have to come back one day!

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Canada: cycling through the amazing Rockies

We are cycling the Icefield Parkway and follow rivers, pass waterfalls and enjoy sunsets at amazing lakes. During the day we have a lot of rain, snow and even hail, but every now and then the clouds open up and we can enjoy the beautiful Canadian landscape.

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