Cycling in China

China 2012: back in Chengdu

We leave Shangri-La and find quiet roads towards the Tiger Leaping Canyon. There are not many people in this area and it’s quiet with a few heavy climbs in between and some great views on white peaks in the distance. The Tibetan flat-roofed white houses disappear and make way for decorative Chinese ones.

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China 2012: the road to Shangri-La

We leave Litang and cycle over high mountain passes and pass many Tibetan villages. I always thought Tibet was like a high plain, but it’s up and down and up and down. A cutting wind chills our faces, but we enjoy every moment in the mountains. By order of the police we stay one night with a Tibetan family and we visit a monastery without monks!

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China 2012: camping in the snow

As soon as we leave Kanding we start climbing towards the first 4000+ meter pass of this cycling adventure in China. Clouds are rolling in and soon we have rain, at 3600 meter it changes into snow and at 4000 meter we are pedaling through a snow storm. There’s nothing here, so we are forced to pitch our tent by the side of the road. Luckily for us, traffic is also stranded, so it’s a quiet but cold night…

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China 2012: cycling with Chinese students

On our way to the Tibetan plateau we should have brought some earplugs! Oh, the Chinese blow their horns as many time as they breath! Weather it means ‘get out of here’ or ‘hi there stranger’ I’m not sure, but for the sake of it I’ll just move…

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China: an unexpected hospital adventure

Sometimes the unexpected happens.., and sometimes it’s a little too much adventure to your liking. While walking around in Xiahe, Elmars knees suddenly swoll and started to hurt real badly. The pain even extended to his wrists and ankles… this story is a summery of what happened on our cycling adventure during a 3-month sabbatical.

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Terracotta Army and Xiahe Monestary

When we arrive in Xi’an Elmar isn’t feeling very well, he has a fever and the usual stomach problems. I know it’s not right, but seeing all these Western fastfood restaurants… we can’t help ourselves after eating that Stan food for two months!

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