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Bicycle touring adventures in the USA. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and more.

GDMBR: smoky Montana and Glacier National Park

‘The track between Butte and Helena towards Park Lake is the most challenging part of the whole Great Divide Mountain Bike Route’, I read on the Adventure Cycling map. So, we give ourselves a day off in the mining town of Butte to prepare for this challenge. Stuffed with even more burgers (what else is there to eat in the US??) we hit the road to Basin on a paved climb to another continental divide crossing.

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GDMBR: crossing the Great Basin in windy Wyoming

After crossing the state line into Wyoming the scenery changes dramatically. From the white peaked 14.000-ers we find ourselves on wide open, grassy land with cows and pronghorns. The first we’ve seen more than mosquitoes, but the pronghorns are new to us, but there are plenty of these animals running away from us. Not strange, since they are the fastest land mammal after the cheetah …or is it because we start to smell?!?

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A short roadtrip through the National Parks in the great wild West

After being away from friends and family for almost 22 months we are cycling hand in hand towards my mom and dad, who are welcoming us in South Fork. Hugs, kisses, a few tears and a good feeling. The next week we will park our loyal Santos bicycles in a shed at Ute Bluff Lodge and Campground with the most friendly owners and we will hit the road by car!

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GDMBR: from Pie Town to Del Norte – searching for water

As we cycle into Pie Town (sounds a lot bigger than it actually is with just 60 souls) we run into Chris and Alex again; father and son bikepacking the Great Divide. They are just about to leave the famous Toaster House and Chris shows us around. We pick ourselves a room, drop all our stuff and run to the nearest pie restaurant, which was about to close. Lucky us, we are able to treat ourselves to a 8 dollar (!!) a piece blueberry pie. I guess you have to be here to really appreciate it…

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