Bicycle touring in Chile.

San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is a chill place to be with its adobe houses and nice restaurants. It’s here, that we meet Myles for the first time! And, it’s here we meet our New Caledonian friends JB and Marion again! The four of us decide to rent a car for a day and do a little siteseeing in the area. Here’s a short photo essay of what the San Pedro de Atacama area has to offer… enjoy!

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Paso Sico

“Move around, be nomadic, make each day a new horizon.” – Alexander Supertramp

“Never again, I’ll never do this again!” Those were my words after crossing Paso San Francisco last week. And yet, here we are. Cycling the Puno and crossing into Argentina over het high Andes.

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Paso San Francisco

A little more than 450 kilometer lies between us and the next village when we cycle out of Fiambalá .And various high altitude passes are in between, with Paso San Francisco being the highest with 4774 meter. Breathtaking.

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Paso Pichachen

An easy warm-up; only 2062 meter high, so easy! We leave Los Angeles and the MacDonalds behind and soon we are back to nomansland. Just a little before Antuco asphalt dissapears and we are cycling on black lava sand. Vulcano Laja with a snow capped peak is watching over us, while traffic slows down and we are on our own again! Alone with history: the Antuco tragedy.

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Climbing vulcanoes

It’s time to leave our bicycles behind for a day to climb an active vulcano near Pucon: Vulcan Villarrica. In a minivan we drive to the base of the vulcano where we can see the sunrise. Clouds are hanging in the valley like a thick blanket and slowly the group is walking up through deep, black sand.

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