South America

Cycling South America: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile.

Argentina: Missiones & Esteros del Iberá

Our first kilometers in Argentina and many more will follow! We enter this huge country in the North East and cycle through the Missiones provence to stay away from the busy highway with no shoulder and find ourselves on a detour in search for crocs and capibaras in Esteros del Iberá.

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Brasil: the highlights

Our first 1000 kilometers are a fact! Here we are, it’s raining cats and dogs and all we see is clouds… this is the reason why we started in Sao Paulo.. this is not funny! Behinds those clouds are the famous waterfalls of Foz do Iguacu and we decide it’s better to return with sunny weather and so we do..

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Rolling hills in Brasil

The first kilometers of this long distance adventure are a fact and slowly we start to realise our dream is real now and that the road ahead is long and empty; we have embarked on a new and exciting life!

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Cristo Redentor and Paso Agua Negra

With 40 degrees Celsius we work hard to climb the Cuesta de Chucabaca on the terrible ripio road on our first cycling day. We are here for only two and a half weeks and want to climb two passes: the Cristo Redentor and the Paso Agua Negra.

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