5 Reasons to go cycling in Argentina

Many times people ask us what our favorite memory of this whole trip is (we’re still on the road!), what was the best place, or what did we like most? There’s no simple answer to that question. Memories of all the people we’ve met, all the places we’ve visited, all the amazing campsites etc. are going around and around in my head and I’m sure things will settle down in my brain someday. To help myself with the chaos in my head and to inspire other cyclists, we’ve decided to write up a few great memories of each country we’ve cycled through so far. A few reasons to visit each of these countries to inspire you! Keep reading to find out what we love about Argentina!

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Ushuaia: Fin del Mundo

Every cyclist will tell you the same: the winds in Patagonia are terrible! And then you think.. “Yeah, right, it can’t be that bad, right?” True.. it’s even worse! Swaying from one side to the other, fall of your bike with a very strong wind gust, the noise! No way to set up your tent here.., yeah, the wind is that bad…

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