Canada: cycling through the amazing Rockies

Icefield Parkway

We are cycling the Icefield Parkway and follow rivers, pass waterfalls and enjoy sunsets at amazing lakes. During the day we have a lot of rain, snow and even hail, but every now and then the clouds open up and we can enjoy the beautiful Canadian landscape.

We wake up at the campsite near the Sunwapta Pass and the Athabasca Glacier to a white world. The pine trees are covered in a fresh white blanket. We need all our layers of clothing to keep ourselves warm during the downhill, lower the snow turns into rain again and we are tucked away deep into our jackets. I swear, if a bear would cross before me and dance his little dance, I wouldn’t notice! But, unfortunately we see little of the animals, I guess they are taking shelter somewhere; wise animals!

Sunwapta Pass

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