South America

Cycling South America: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile.

Colombia: away from the PanAmericana

We would not be the bicycle junkies if we would not look for a road ‘away from the highway’. We quickly leave the busy and smelly PanAmericana behind us and soon we found ourselves on the Trampolina de la Muerte, in other words: narrow, unpaved, deep canyons and steep. Just the way we like it.

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Movie: cycling the Americas 13

This short video is about singletracks in Ecuador. We took a wrong turn, but like any real cyclist.., we didn’t want to turn back. So, we continued. Pushing bicycles and gear for about 5 or 6 tough kilometers. Watch it now.

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Ecuador off the beaten track

The PanAmerican Highway is busy. We miss the quiet, unpaved tracks through the mountains, crossing high altitude passes and camping in the wild. We see a tiny grey line on our map which looks like a nice short-cut to Riobamba. Even the GPS shows a ridable track, so, let’s just do it!

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Movie: cycling the Americas 12

Cycling the Cordillera Blanca in Peru was one of the most amazing things on this long distance bicycle adventure. Peru is definately in the top three of our favorite destinations! This video will give you some idea of how beautiful this part of the world is. Enjoy!

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Cordillera Blanca Loop

Route: Huaraz – Punta Olimpica – Chacas – Yanama – Yungay

I love the mountains and I curse them. They make me happy and then again they suck the energy right out of me. But, there’s something inside me that wants to concur them. Something inside me that tells me to go for it, to cross passes above 4500 meter altitude. I am the happiest person in the world once I’ve reached the top; yes, it’s all worth it.

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Movie: cycling the Americas 10

Machu Picchu is very overwhelming. The location is incredible. Together with Paul and Jan we spend hours just wandering through the old Inca ruins. But there’s more! The four of us went on a tour through the jungle in Tambopata NP. Not a lot of cycling in this video, but definately worth watching!

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