Italy: a different cookie

Cycling in Slovenia and Italy on an Avaghon X29

If you’d ask us what makes bicycle touring so great, our answer would be: freedom. Since we live in an overcrowded country, which can be oppressive, we constantly search for remote areas while bicycle touring. To really experience that happy shiver down our spines as we feel totally free surrounded by vast landscapes. Not another soul in sight. Does Italy have the answer to our desire?

Maybe, but not on this trip. 😉 So, lesson learned, next time it’s offroad again or far less crowded places! I don’t want to sound dissappointed, but in one hour I have seen (and heard) more Porsches, Ferraris and noisy motorbikes than during a car fair! Cycling in this part of the world is a ‘different cookie!’

Cycling in Slovenia and Italy on an Avaghon X29

But, despite our experience, we did find that feeling of freedom. Freedom in moving at our own pace, sleeping in our own tiny home, the sun shining, raindrops falling and the wind blowing. The beautiful and rugged Dolomites and an unknown narrow road climbing to an unknown pass. And unknown means not a lot of traffic! As soon as we reach the pass a steep and hairpinned descend through forested area follows. We pass Tolmezzo and cycle towards the Dolomites, where I’ve been before, but these peaks still amaze me. It was back in 2010, when my friend Chantal and I decided to go hiking here for a couple of days. With backpacks we hiked from one mountain hut to another, seeing Tre Cime (Drei Zinnen) up close and personal. Now, as we ride passed these three beautiful peaks it’s raining and they are hiding behind the clouds. The weather is bleak, but the Dolomites are still well worth to visit.

Cycling in Slovenia and Italy on an Avaghon X29

As soon as we have reached the pass a smooth off road bicycle path brings us all the way down to the valley and the moment we turn left, we leave the rocky peaks behind us to be replaced by smooth rolling hills.

Our plan was to ride up Jaufenpass and Timmelsjoch Pass before returning to Innsbruck where we have to catch the train back to the Netherlands. But, as always, plans change! This time because we lack time… but, we don’t want to leave without riding up a proper Alp pass, so we decide to ride up and down the Jauffenpass just for the fun of it. Really? Really! Who’s idea was that? Yep, Ellen’s… Really? Really!
We leave most of our stuff at the camp site in Vipiteno and armed with a down jacket, rain gear and cameras we start the 15 kilometer ride up to gain almost 1200 meters.

Clouds are rolling in from the West and temperature drops as we get higher and higher. At about 2000 meter a few snow flocks drop. I’m having fun riding up! Really? Really! Climbing without all our stuff is so much easier, wow! Too bad all those ‘Ich habe ein kleines Schwanz’ Porsche, BMW’s etc. riders with fat bellies, barbie chicks and obvious toupets (sorry, but almost all German and sorry, but yes, I am stereotyping) think they are on a racing circuit… Nonetheless, nobody spoils my amazing ride up in speeding time! At the top we treat ourselves to a cappuccino and a huge piece of pie. Yes, the view is great and yes, next year we’ll definately be riding somewhere remote again!


Enjoying the view from the Jauffenpass

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trien October 31, 2016 - 16:35
Mooi mooi mooi!
Bicycle Junkies October 31, 2016 - 16:38
Dankjewel Trien! :)
Martin October 31, 2016 - 16:40
oooooh, jongens dit is echt weer een 'plaatje' zo mooi. Despite all (bleeding...:p) Ferraris....nice nice, awesome photography as usual...Dank weer voor delen. Inspiratie zo op een dienblaadje.
Dirk October 31, 2016 - 18:37
Zoals gewoonlijk weer fantastisch mooie beelden.
dirk October 31, 2016 - 21:00
weeral knappe foto's hebben jullie nog eens de juiste richtlijnen omjullie fotoboek van de amercica's te bestellen grtjes Dirk
Pa en ma November 1, 2016 - 09:07
Wa T weer een mooi verhaal,en prachtige foto,s. Genieten en herbeleven.
Marco Rorai November 1, 2016 - 11:05
Fantastisch die bergen! Dat jullie zo laat in het seizoen het nog aandurfden. Overigens vinden mijn zoon Michel en ik de Pyreneeën mooier en rustiger.
Paul vanPeenen November 1, 2016 - 15:15
Mooi zeg. Maar waar zijn al die autos?
Bicycle Junkies November 1, 2016 - 16:30
Ja, je bent de eerste die het zegt Paul! ;) Ik hou niet van auto's en motoren op de foto.., dus it was all about timing (and waiting..., and waiting...) ;)
Bicycle Junkies November 1, 2016 - 16:31
Dirk, ik zal je deze week een mail sturen. Het is inderdaad wat onhandig. :(
Bicycle Junkies November 1, 2016 - 16:32
Dankjewel Martin! **bloos**
John Metcalfe November 2, 2016 - 12:58
Hi guys Next time try Central Italy - Le Marche and Abbruzo. It's like a different country to northern Italy. Try the Sibbilini National Park. We lived there for a year and it's stunning. Don't think I saw one Porche. Just 4x4 Fiat pandas (the old ones that cost about €5000. As usual blown away with your photography. john
Jan van pelt November 2, 2016 - 20:23
Goedeavond Ellen En Elmar wat heb je weer een mooi verhaal gemaakt en ook de foto's zijn zeer mooi . dat ene dorp wat je noemde Tolmezzo daar heeft ik veel wezen laden daar had je vroeger een papier fabriek van daar dat ik weet waar je langs bent gereden . gr Jan
Nick December 8, 2016 - 16:03
Great photos! Thanks for the inspirational blog post.
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