Video: Cycling in Sichuan – China

by Bicycle Junkies

Cycling adventure in Sichuan, China. High mountain passes, snow and Tibetan monestaries.

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Eduardo S May 17, 2017 - 02:29


Here you go on a 26er. You have a huge experience using each for travel: 26er and 9er. I think one of my main doubts as soon i reach bike4travel would be that… I think like in many other activities there is no one thing which is absolutely better than the other. Like cameras, many times when asked I say: ok, if you want something that do everything good, ok, go for a full frame Eos, perhaps. But if you want to do some specific thing that’s a different thing…or also what is good for you can be different for another person, or sometimes might be a matter of how you feel, your taste, whim, and so on… Said that, and due to your experience I would appreciate something on your blog about it. Something beyond you can find 26 tires everywhere in the world… i only have the experience as commuter bikes. My feeling is I go much faster on a 29er or 622, but a 26er is much easier to control, also more enjoyable if you don’t do long distances or bad terrain… No idea how can it be fully loaded… I think i’d fall in love the same with an x29 as with the s26 series… something like what would be reasons for one or the other based on your experience and feelings climbing the mountains of Asia and America.



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