Cycling in Namibia

Namibia: the first kilometers on our bicycle

by Bicycle Junkies

It’s pretty hot in Namibia! Long, dusty and straight roads, a blazing sun and the occasional tree to have some shade. Our day usually starts at 6AM (after all this is our holiday!) and we ride till we sea a tree at about 1PM. Here we have a siesta and wait for the temperature to drop a bit. Yep, this is Namibia!

As soon as the sun rises, temperatures rocket into the sky! By 8 AM it’s already 31 degrees Celsius, by 9 AM about 35 degrees and by midday it reaches 40. We carry loads of water to keep hydrated, but it gets hot in our water bottles and doesn’t taste very well. Our tongues get dry and thick, jikes! We make ourselves some ‘Bicycle Junkies Coke Light’ (water mixed with Coca Cola) for a bit of taste, which actually is really nice.

Cycling in Namibia

Did I mention the roads are endless? Well, they are! Long, straight and dusty. But, somehow, we like it. We like the remoteness, the emptiness, the quietness… and the occasional impala or oryx to keep us company. One day we hike through Mountain Zebra National Park, where we find a lush stream and some natural swimming pools and we can’t resist a skinny dip! Sorry.., kudus, zebras and impalas… we must have scared them with our white tushies! One night, while camping, a group of zebras just pass by our tent. Amazing! We are in the middle of a zoo! Now, I do hope the lions are more into black-white striped behinds.. 😉

Cycling in Namibia

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