Cycling in Canada

Cycling South again: from Jasper to Quesnel

by Bicycle Junkies

When leaving Jasper the rain follows us into the valley for our (for now) last continental divide crossing. Back in 2010 we’ve cycled this route too, but instead of cycling South towards Valemount we head further North to Prince George. Crossing the Fraser River we spot a couple of large Chinook Salmons, they have come a long way (almost 1400 kilometers) to reach this place, as did we (almost 29.000km!).

Reaching Prince George is a turning point in our cycling adventure through the Americas; this is as far North as we go for now. We took our time in Peru and the rest of South America for that matter, but that was a good decision. We absolutely loved South America and are glad we took our time there, but that means we are too late in the season to cycle further North to Inuvik without the proper winter equipment. A strange feeling for us; knowing we are reaching the end of our cycling adventure in the Americas makes us sad. The life of freedom will be hard to beat and I’m still looking for that sugar daddy.. maybe now it’s time to reveal yourself to us? 😉

Anyways, we still have some amazing stuff ahead of us! Actually we are on our way to another adventure at the Bowron Lakes Provincial Park, but more about that in our next blog. 😉

Cycling in Canada

Mount Robson behind the clouds

Cycling in Canada

Drying my shoes after a very rainy day

Near Quesnel we get to meet modern day Gold diggers at a campsite; being the only tourists this late in the season we are invited to have a peak on how the gold gets separated from the black sand. They are tiny flocks, but gold is gold! In the mean time the trees are turning into gold as well, autumn is coming and the colors are amazing.

We reach the Bowron Lakes in the same conditions as we left Jasper: raining cats and dogs! But, that doesn’t matter, we have a new adventure coming up!

Cycling in Canada

It was a bit muddy…

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