Cycling in Argentina

Goodbye Argentina

by Bicycle Junkies

One book closes, the other one opens. We say farewell to beautiful Argentina and look back at this amazing country with a lot of joy. Farewell Argentina, farewell Pomelo!

The land with the most amazing waterfalls we have ever seen. With thousands of yellow butterflies on our way in Missiones provence. Caymans and Capibaras just by the side of the road, that’s something different than the Dutch cows. Huge spiders crossing the road just in front of our wheels. Millions of stars en the most colorful sunsets. Great places to camp in the middle of nowhere. Penguins, whales, guanacos and vicunas. Snow on the top of the mountains. The longest and straightest roads I’ve ever seen! The endless, but I mean endless pampas. The wind. My God, that wind! Undescribable wind, ruthless. I swear, I will never complain about the Dutch breeze again…

Cycling in Argentina

Wild camp spot in Patagonia

Ruta 3 and Ruta 40. Infamous and famous at the same time. Ripio in all different states. Pushing our bikes, either because of the wind or the road. Being (almost) at the end of the world with Antarctica in sight. Shifting stones at Laguna Roca, yes, we have changed the world! 😉

Cycling in Argentina

Amazing sunsets in Patagonia

The people, those friendly people. Being invited, free sandwiches at the bakery in Tolhuin, being fed by customs officers. Police officers helping us and giving us a place to stay.

Waiting in Ushuaia for mail that will never arrive.. having a steak for Christmas, being prepared on the Parilla by the camping owner. Speeking of parillas… our own parilla at New Years Eve in PN Tierra del Fuego. Or the amazing and huge steaks in the restaurants, always lit by enormous TL-lights and with the loud sound of the television in the background.

Banks ripping you off, because you can only withdraw 2000 pesos at a time and they charge you with every transaction! A blue rate and a normal rate? The best busses ever, with WiFi haha!

The ‘puna’ or altiplano; high altitude nomansland. Estancias in the middle of nowhere, free camping at gas stations with free showers, WiFI and coffee! Medialunas (croissants) for breakfast, if you’re lucky… most of the time it was just coffee with old bread slices…
But, they have the best icecreams ever!

Small shops and siestas that seem to get longer and longer. And the art to always be in need of a supermarket in siesta time. Empty streets during the day and every night is shopping night.

The land of Tango, the land without shoulders, the land where every friendly Argentinian turns into a killer machine once driving a car.

Yes, good memories.., we will miss it. We’ll probably wont see those we’ve met ever again, we’ll probably will never see those landscapes again. That’s hard sometimes, but isn’t that life? We will always have the memories. And the memory of Pomelo! The best drink ever!

Cycling in Argentina


Farewell Argentina, we will miss you!

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