Cycling in Argentina

Ushuaia: Fin del Mundo

by Bicycle Junkies

Every cyclist will tell you the same: the winds in Patagonia are terrible! And then you think.. “Yeah, right, it can’t be that bad, right?” True.. it’s even worse! Swaying from one side to the other, fall of your bike with a very strong wind gust, the noise! No way to set up your tent here.., yeah, the wind is that bad…

But all that fighting against the wind hasn’t been for nothing! Behold Glacier Perito Moreno, a huge mass of bluish ice: 5 km wide, 60 to 70 mtr high and 14 km till the base of mama-glacier. And it’s noisy! Enormous pieces fall of and crumble beneath in turquois colored Lago Argentino and when the sun lits the glacier, it colors deep blue. It’s a fascinating chunk of ice.

Cycling in Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier

Thé bakery in Tolhuin
News travels fast in bicycle touring country: as a cyclist stop at the bakery in Tolhuin, you can stay there for free and have fresh bread! So, after a 112 kilometer ride, we park our bicycles in front of the Tolhuin Bakery and apparently we are not the only ones, it’s a busy place! Inside it’s warm, there’s WiFi and they certainly do have tasty bread. As soon as we sit down for a cup of coffee we are asked if we want to stay here. The guy takes us to the storage area and there between the flour bags we find a room to stay in. It’s kind of dirty actually, but the shower is really nice. We are the only cyclists staying here tonight, so we can set up our own mattresses to sleep on. Betty works next door and makes us some empanadas, she is really sweet! It’s another prove of hospitality, people are so nice!

Cycling in Argentina

Betty and Elmar at the bakery in Tolhuin

The next day we continue and ride our (almost) last kilometers to the End of the World: Ushuaia! We go straight to the campsite out of town, it’s here where we celebrate Christmas with JB and Marion! We meet them again!

Cycling in Argentina

Last kilometers to Ushuaia

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