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This website is a resource for bicycle touring stories, gear reviews and inspiring photos by Dutch world cyclists Elmar & Ellen.
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We didn’t order this, did we?

Before the busy bicycle touring season starts we decide to take a few days off and ride through Spain. Weather forecast has been great for this region: sunny days, about 17 degrees near the coast and 10 in the mountains. Nights might be cold, but that's ok. Hé, sounds...

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Bicycle: Avaghon X29

The Avaghon X29 is our new bicycle for bicycle touring. A steel bike with Rohloff hub, Gates Belt drive and disc brakes. Check it out!

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Italy: a different cookie

If you’d ask us what makes bicycle touring so great, our answer would be: freedom. Since we live in an overcrowded country, which can be oppressive, we constantly search for remote areas while bicycle touring. To really experience that happy shiver down our spines as we feel totally free surrounded by vast landscapes. Not another soul in sight. Does Italy have the answer to our desire?

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Bicycle touring in Slovenia

“I’m sorry, but the City Night Line doesn’t stop in Utrecht Central Station tonight. You need to get to Arnhem quickly!”
“Say what?!?”

It sounded so much more convenient: an overnight train to Vienna, Austria and no hassle with packing our bicycles safely for a flight. But our short bicycle adventure near the Alps starts with quite some stress…

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New to bicycle touring? Looking for inspiration? Or need some tips & advice on traveling the world by bicycle? Then you are in the right place! We have been riding our bikes in more than 40 countries and we will continue to discover the world by bicycle. Here on the Bicycle Junkies website we share our stories, our photos and our experiences to inspire other (future) world cyclists. Check out the following on our website and have fun discovering the world!

Top 50 of the best bicycle touring images

Top 50+ Photos

Rather look at some photos? Check out the images we shot per country or look at the best 50!

Bicycle touring gear reviews

Gear reviews

With more than 12 years of bicycle travel experience we share our experience with bicycle gear.

Packlist for bicycle touring


A handy visual packlist of all the stuff we took on our long distance bicycle tour across the Americas.

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