Cycling in Canada

Rain, rain and more rain

by Bicycle Junkies

It’s raining cats and dogs and the sound on our tent is kind of soothing, but I’ll probably think otherwise when we have to start cycling again tomorrow. It’s grey, misty and wet and it has been like this for days now. Too bad, well, I guess we have to come back one day!

We decide to take a day off the bike in Revelstoke, and yes, it’s raining again. We head to the info center and try to find out if there are any off roads away from the traffic. The woman helping us is very friendly and she points us to the Kootenay Rockies south of Revelstoke. That sounds really great!

Cycling in Canada

The offroad track across the Kootenay Rockies is such a nice ride! No cars, gravel road and the usual rain. A long climb away from Trout Lake on the muddy track takes ages and it’s raining so long and hard that our Gore-tex jacket and pants just give up… Nothing is dry anymore now…
It’s a pretty steep road too, mostly around 6 to 7 percent, but sometimes 10 to 12 percent. But being here alone with the rain makes it a nice ride!

Our subscription to a vacational hospital visit
For some reason we always add a visit to a hospital during our bicycle trips.. We have just arrived at the campsite of the Yakh Motel in the Yakh village, with no less than 160 inhabitants. I’m just about to take a shower and discover a strange red line on my arm. “El, quick, look at this!” “Now what?” He probably thinks he has to send another spider to the other world… “Well, check this out.” I show him the red line creeping up my arm… doesn’t look good to me.

Ingrid, the owner of the campsite, takes a look at my arm and agrees that this might be an infection. But, Yakh has no doctor, so we call the hospital in Creston, which will send an ambulance to pick us up. A bit exaggerated, but well, handy and a nice check-up. It is indeed an infection and some kind of blood poisoning because I scratched open a bug bite. Antibiotics will do the trick, so we are good to go again!

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