Cycling in Malaysia

Sweating in Singapore and Malaysia

by Bicycle Junkies

A short holiday, just two weeks away from our busy lifes in the Netherlands. We start our adventure in Singapore and sweat our way through the jungle in Malaysia and up to the Camaron Highlands. It’s all about palm trees here! And a very happy ending…

It’s so hot and humid over here, that all our cycling days start early and before 2PM we are in a hotel enjoying the aircondition… We cool ourselves down with Guiness Beer and take swimming dips while cycling along the coast. The temperature of the sea is sooooo nice! The Camaron Highlands are tough to reach because of the heat, but once there, it’s a better temperature. We visit the tea plantations and the strawberry farms, jummy!

Cycling in Malaysia

Camaron Highlands

And… In Singapore, in the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, Elmar asks me to merry him!!! Of course I said yes! 🙂

Cycling in Malaysia


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